I often think about blogging more.

But then I think, "what will I write?"

I used to have so many thoughts running through my head and so many feelings that I just needed to share with the world, but now I don't, at least not as often as I used to.

But, as I was thinking this morning, I realized how we, as a nation, are so easily butt-hurt. We're a generation of babies. We take what we read on the internet and incorporate it into our own lives as if to justify another reason to get upset at someone, or humanity as a whole. And, please, take offense to this!

There are so many posts out there saying: "This person said this and they meant to be nice, but it really hurt my feelings because they didn't know my private, internal, personal struggles...and so to the rest of you, don't say things like that to someone ever."...How about, instead of posting a big long article, why don't you tell them! Man up and let them know! Tell them you're going through a hard time with that particular subject, politely decline to talk about it, and thank them for being concerned. There is no reason to get upset and passively rant about it on the internet, calling people to repentance for trying to care about you.

All I ask is that we grow a thick skin. Realize that we have to live with each other. We're already falling into the pits of robot hell, what with our electronics never being more than three feet away from us. Why take away the one genuine means of communicating we have left by telling people how to think and what to say? Why can't we get over the attitude of entitlement and realize, though our struggles are something to be taken seriously, not everyone knows about them. And that's okay. They mean well, and you should be grateful to have people like that in your life.



I had this big, long post written out, and then I read through it and I decided it was boring.
But basically, it was all about my year.

I wish I could say it was pretty eventful but I really don't remember anything of note happening.

We were able to buy a car over the summer. It's a little on the lemon side, but it works and I can drive on ice with little to no problem. I haven't slid at all and that's the best part! Actually, the second best part. The very best part is it's got a twin turbo so it's really fun to drive!  And I am saving a little on gas, so that's always a bonus!

Recently, there has been some major changes happening at work. Our company recently merged with another company and with it has come a lot of great advantages! I was just given a full time position as the receiver for our store, and also given a raise. Like, a big raise. There is also the possibility of me getting a salary position. (Fingers crossed and many prayers, please!) I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. It seemed pretty dead end at first, and it kind of was, with the way it was being run prior to the merger, but so far there has been nothing but good things that has come out of it. The new CEO is all about retail and making sure our stores are the very best they can be, which means he treats his employees like they're actually worth something. And let me be the first to tell you that when your treat your employees like they're worth something, they turn around and show you just how valuable they can be. It's great to feel appreciated.

There's not a lot going on other than that. Jared is still at his job and doing his best not to kill anyone. Or be killed, for that matter.

My ward is booming with babies right now. My friend Emily just had hers a month ago so if I ever need a baby fix, she's right there! Last night was their oldest son's 3rd birthday party and so of course I got to hold the baby all night. I could still smell the her on me this morning. I love it. It's the little things.

I got a tattoo. I still have mixed feelings, but for the most part I love it. Now I just have to work passed the thoughts of how everyone is going to judge me. With some people, I don't mind if they see it, but with others, it makes me a little nervous to see how they'll react. I've slowly been exposing it to my mom. I haven't heard anything about it yet, so I don't know if she's even noticed it. Only time will tell, I guess.

We've been blessed a lot, in all aspects of our life. And in ways that I haven't even noticed because I've been to busy worrying about things that don't even matter. Because that's how it goes, right? I am truly grateful for all the things we have been given, either by the hand of God or someone else. It's been a journey. Laid back and easy, just like you'd hope it would be.


So, as you may have noticed, I changed things around again. I really liked the layout I had before but I wanted something a little more colorful and a little more me. So, I'm reintroducing the idea of "hello, sunshine".

Will everything always be positive? Nope. (see?) But I promise not to complain too much...It seems like that's all I do anymore.
I like to think I'm trying to do better, but let's be honest. The only thing I'm actually trying to do is--well, nothing. Maybe that is why my life seems so empty? I don't have goals that I'm trying to achieve, spiritually or mentally.

Wow, I got a little off track there, didn't I?

Oh, news! Jared updated the computer and everything seems to be working so much more smoothly now. It's really nice! This post is actually being typed on the laptop, as we speak! (no, duh, right?) So there is something to be pretty excited about!

Okay, quick recap. We got a new layout, and we like it, right? Right.

Welp, B-E-D Time!! 



I kind of like this new layout....what do you think?

It's pretty basic, I know, but I'm digging the simplistic element. Also, I really like that you can change how you see the blog entries. That part caught my fancy rather quickly.

So, how's about an update? It's only been about a year since I've really done any blogging and to be honest, I don't have any reason as to why I haven't..maybe because there is nothing super important going on in my life, ever? Or maybe because the lack of a functioning computer kind of hinders the ease of posting. I'm using the iPad right now and it works fine, but I don't have any pictures on it, so if I wanted to upload any, it would be a bit of a laborious process. Good thing my life is so mundane!

I guess I'll just start typing and we'll see what comes out...
I love my job! I'm still at valley wide and currently I'm working in the warehouse getting buff! Until they find someone else a little more suited for the job, but I'm liking it just fine. It's nice to get out from behind the counter, that's for sure! 
Some of us at work are participating in a weight loss's getting off to a bit of a slow start, but we're getting there! I've been really working on losing weight (for real this time!) since September 27. So far, I've lost 13.4 pounds! I have a long way to go, but I'm pretty proud of myself for making it this far! My sister is helping a lot! We talk everyday about what we're doing and things we can do better. She's a huge inspiration to me! She's lost 52 pounds and is into a size 12. I've always dreamed of the day I could fit into a 16, I could never imagine anything smaller, but seeing her do it is making this all real for me. And she's also got clothes waiting for me for when I get small enough to fit them. Hashtag lifesaver.
Jared is doing good. Things are getting easier every day with the whole married and living together thing. I'm not perfect, but lately I have had an easier time letting things just roll off my back instead of making a big deal out of the things that come out of his mouth. It feels pretty good to be able to say that. I left him sleeping out in the living room when I came back to bed. I love that man but sometimes he's just an overgrown child. I like to leave him be in those times. But, I'll feel bad if I don't wake him up and make him come to bed with me...mostly because I'm selfish and need him right next to me when I sleep. 
Well, it's that time...tell me what you think of the new layout and what you think I could change? It's a slow and steady process, especially since I have to work from both my phone and iPad to make the changes happen. (I have a method, don't ask...)



This recently came across my news feed on facebook. It's a letter written to Bruce Jenner explaining why it's downright offensive that he claims he "identifies" with women.
Click here to read the article and then tell me what you think in the comments below.



This is something I've been very careful not to post on social media (aside from posts that come across my feed that I agree with so I share them). Its my opinion on same-sex marriage. Well, not my opinion so much as how I came to the conclusion of how I feel about it.
I've been trying so hard to keep an open mind about touchy subjects, such as gay rights, because I don't want to offend anybody, that I haven't listened to my feelings and given them any heed. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing same sex marriage, I wanted to be supportive of it, but against it at the same time. I wanted to support people's rights to do what they want because they have their own agency, but I wanted to be against it because God did not intend for anyone to live that way.
So, I was conflicted, to say the least. The following Sunday morning, I had come across an article that made it seem like Elder Christofferson said it was okay for members of the LDS church to support gay marriage. Wanting to be open-minded and not offend anyone, I shared it, still unsure of what I was really feeling about the subject.
Throughout the entire day, I could not figure out what I wanted to believe about gay marriage. I didn't feel right. My mind and my heart were in a battle and it was difficult. I had a few comments on that post from supporters and non-supporters alike--some in particular from my friend Ashley, who is very passionate about her beliefs on the subject. She is very much against gay marriage. She helped me to realize that it is okay to be against the movement. (I deleted the post, so i don't have any of the comments she left.)
It took me all day and some of the next to finally realize I was feeling so conflicted because I know the act of being gay is wrong, therefore gay marriage is wrong. It is against everything I believe in. Now, I'm not going to go out and publicly shame those who practice it. What they do in their private lives does not concern me, and I don't need to butt in and tell them they're going to hell. That's not my place. But I can stand my ground, practice my beliefs, love those who surround me, and be the best example of Christ that I can. Because I fall short every day, I know I have absolutely no reason to judge my brothers and sisters. We are all God's children. He has given us this free country to live as we choose.
So let's live and let love.



This rant is brought to you by this blog post, which is really good. Read it.

As you may or may not know, my husband did not serve a mission. Did it bother me when we were dating? Not in the least. And let me tell you why.

Missions do not automatically guarantee you a spot in the highest degree of glory on the celestial kingdom. It took me going on a mission and recognizing my own weaknesses to realize this, along with examples of other people who wore their weaknesses proudly on their sleeves. Would you believe that in this day, there are still missionaries going out because they feel obligated? And when they feel like that is usually when they don't feel like following the rules and guidelines would benefit them at all. They figure they're already out there, why make an effort to try and be someone they're not? All they've got to do is push through and make it those long 24 months. When they get home they can proudly say "I served a mission." Eventually that proud statement dwindles into an apathetic one as they quickly revert back to who they were before they embarked on what could have been the best 2 years for their lives.

Where does this unwritten obligation come from though? Certainly parents and leaders make it clear what they want for the youth of the Church, but I feel like a lot of the time what is not made clear is that it is still their choice to live the way that is expected of them. As I was growing up, it was pushed very heavily that as a young woman, my list of what I want in a husband should include "returned missionary". In my heart, I never really believed that I would marry an RM, but I made sure it was something I looked for when I met anyone who could potentially become my husband. It was a priority.

This is NOT the way we should be teaching our youth! What they need to be taught is they should to be looking for righteousness. Someone who shares their same desires, as well as someone who makes them better. Serving a mission does not automatically make you righteous or even a good person. That's why I say RM should mean Righteous Man.

What I believe is if you want that example for your future children, then go on a mission yourself. Don't depend on your future whomever to have done it for you.

 I respect my husband's decision not to go on a mission because he decided for himself. He didn't give into the pressure that many young men feel to serve.

If you have any questions about any of the religious mumbo-jumbo, you can visit to answer those questions.



A) at recognizing my blessings on a daily basis, and B) at blogging.
So I am finally off of the night shift, and can I just say, it is fantastic! I feel so much better without having to plan my day around sleep. This last week was the first full week that Jared and I got to spend every night together since our honeymoon--over five months ago. It was such a blessing to have that one week...actually, the blessing was that my last night shift was last Sunday so that we could have that week together.
Because guess what.
As of today, he's back on night shift at the factory. Granted, he does switch back and forth from nights to days, so he would be home at night about every other week, which is way better than him working straight nights, but still, he's working nights as soon as I get daytime shifts at work. Isn't that how it always seems to go?
Blessings, burdens, and trials. None of them would exist without the other.



I'm terrible at praying before I go to bed and when I wake, the worst. I work the night shift so I'm also going to bed and getting up at odd times. I have the hardest time sleeping during the day. I go to bed around 8:30 and usually can't sleep past noon. And I am getting so sick of it. Why can't I sleep for at least 6 hours, especially since I've just been awake all night??

Well, this morning when I went to bed, like always, I was prompted to pray. But this time I actually did it. I asked (among other things) that I would basically be knocked out so I could get the rest I so desperately needed. God delivered. I went to bed at 830 and didn't wake up until three.

It might not seem like a huge deal but it was major for me. It was a major reminder that God still hears and answers prayers, even though I've been silent for a little while and it was a reminder that He still loves me. And He still loves you. Pray. Talk to your Father in Heaven. He wants to hear how you're doing.  He wants to know the things you need in your life. It's good.


A friend of mine, Steven, is a pretty neat guy. He recently put into words so perfectly what I've been thinking ever since this whole "ordain women" thing came about. I would never have been able to say it the way he does. And here it is; just his thoughts on the Priesthood vs. Motherhood:

"OK so when I am at work my mind tends to wander... Today's topic was the Ordain Women movement. I am not going to talk about the excommunication.  I am not going to judge or condemn in any way, I am just going to talk doctrine and some of the things that were roaming around in my head today.

"Women get something that men don't and men get something that women don't. Women get to be mothers. I know what you're thinking! 'Men get to be fathers!' Being a father isn't motherhood, it is parenthood, and motherhood is so much more. I used to hate it when people would say that motherhood was the reason women don't receive the priesthood. I always thought 'Wow that sucks for them, they have to give birth and the men get the priesthood. ' Now that I am a little older and am married, I look at motherhood a little differently,  I guess. The thing is women have a special bond with their children that a father will never have. When I got home from school, the first word out of my mouth was 'Mom!'

"Now, I know what you are thinking. 'What about all those women who never get married so they can't have kids? That's not fair when they are righteous and a man gets to have the priesthood. ' If the woman is righteous, she will be given the opportunity to be a mother either in this life or the next. She needs a man to be a mom, yes, but a man needs a woman to progress in the priesthood as well. A man can't hold offices in the priesthood like Bishop without being married. He needs to be made a high priest.  So some men will go through this life and never progress higher than an Elder.

"Well what about the woman who is married and can't have kids?  Again,  she will be given that chance,  one day. This is also the same as a man who is married,  but for some reason is never made a high priest. Usually, a man is only ordained to the office of high priest if he is receiving a calling that needs the higher priesthood.

"If women were given the priesthood,  it would be like children getting gifts at Christmas and then having one child want both her gift and his. This is not 'equal' like we keep hearing it would be.

"It isn't a bad thing that God sees Motherhood as an equal to priesthood. I think it is kind of amazing actually.  God gives man the priesthood,  which is His power,  and He gives women motherhood which is the power to create life. (Also,  a power of God. )

"What we need to do is remember the sacred role of mothers and see that women in the church are just as powerful as men.   They certainly hold just as much responsibility in God's eyes."


This weekend. As in Saturday!!!

One of my best friends is marrying the love of his life and I am so incredibly happy for them! I feel like I've been on this big, long journey with him as he has searched nonchalantly and coyly (is that even a word??) (All be it relentlessly), for the girl that fits his very specific criteria. And he found her. In Idaho, he found her! There is only one thing that doesn't necessarily fit his idea of what he wants perfectly, and that is sometimes she doesn't quite fully understand what he's talking about. (But really , who does?!) For that to be the only thing out of a thousand, I'd say he did pretty good. And the more I get to know her, the more I realize they are totes MFEO! (That was for you, Lindz.) What makes it even better is that she and my cousin's wife were roommates at BYU-I. Crazy, right?! I love it. Small world, big steps. I simply cannot wait. Hashtag excited!!!

I'm so mad

I had a post almost completely finished and my phone decided to update Chrome and it closed it while I was typing and erased my whole blog post. Piece of crusty old toenail! Ughh


the grass is always greener somewhere...

I think I messed up that phrase. Anyway, thoughts thoughts thoughts... oh yeah!

I've never been one to look at other people and be jealous of how good they have it. I appreciate the blessings in my own life fairly well,  I suppose,  so I'm putting a different meaning to the phrase "the grass is always greener on the other side". The "other side" I make reference to is the other side of trial.

I'm no stranger to trials. I've had my fair share of tests in this life and I know it's only a fraction of what I'm in store for. One thing I've realized,  even been told, is that blessings come from being faithful through trial. After all Ether 12:6 says " receive no witness until after the trial of your faith." (That's in the Book of Mormon) and it's true! The only way we learn is through being tested and tried. Sometimes it takes a few times for us to learn what we're supposed to, but we learn even more along the way.

I realized today that the grass is always greener on the other side of hard times. When we've mastered what it was we were supposed to learn, life is sweeter. We can look back and be grateful for those rough patches because it got us to the beautiful pastures we are in today.


The Honeymoon

We went to Star Valley where Jared's grandparents have a cabin. We got there around 4 or 5 to a treat!

Whoever winterized the cabin turned every. single. breaker off.

There was still food in the fridge.

But not just food. No no. That would have been too easy. There was nearly 20 POUNDS of rotten meat in the freezer. Oozy, rotten meat. It stunk a little bit. So we spent our first night cleaning out the fridge. And don't worry about the fact that we had things that needed to go in the freezer. But since it was still very much winter in Wyoming, we just packed one of the coolers full of snow and put the frozen things in it. Mostly it was just ice cream. And good thing that was the only thing we put out there because it didn't work. The ice cream melted almost completely. (that's okay, it wasn't that good, anyway.)

But don't worry, that wasn't a precursor of what to expect out of the rest of the trip. We went to Jackson the next day and just walked around downtown. It is so cute and just a lot of fun. It started snowing big fluffy wet heavy flakes as soon as we got there. We bought heavier jackets. And they are so comfy and waaaarm!!! As we were walking around, we found the Ripley's Believe it or not museum. FUN!

Of course we went in. That Ripley guy found some really interesting things on his travels.

As we were leaving Jackson, we went to the Smith's and got some groceries because everything in Star Valley is closed on Sundays, which I can respect. Then we decided to get some massage oil because our backs were killing us from the bed we slept on. it's an old one. Anyway, our search for massage oil led to me getting a full body massage from a professional. Well, it was painful. But it was good.

We pretty much just hung out the rest of the week. It was chill and relaxed and just so nice to hang out with my husband and not care about anything else. We had to be back so he could work Thursday night. We left Wednesday and took our time to come home. Since I had never been to Soda Springs, that's the way we went. I didn't know there was a geyser in Soda and Jared said "There's a geyser somewhere" and I looked to my left and there it was, just shooting right up. Turns out it goes off every hour, on the hour for about 7 minutes. It was 3 pm at the time so we really got lucky to be able to see it. After the geyser went away, we drove home and ended the day by opening our wedding gifts. 5 crock pots. 5.

 This dog is made out of children's toys the artist collected

This poodle is made out of bottle caps

This is a coffin. This describes it. 

 Need a belt buckle?

 This is a true two seater bicycle.
 The presidential seal made out of nails
 How about a buffalove seat?

 Matchstick train
 World's largest cigar

Soda Springs geyser.

Have a good day, y'all!

I got married

It was a pretty awesome day. I could not ask for better friends and family. I had so much help from everyone and it made things go by so smoothly.

Cue the highlights reel:

While working on some of the decorations, my dad slipped and cut his hand. We have matching scars now. And I can say with full confidence that blood, sweat and tears all went into making my wedding possible.

Allison was able to be there for all of it. I hadn't seen her yet since i got home from my mission and to have her there meant a lot to me.

I cried because I was able to have President Harper marry us. He has always been there, he watched me grow up and I've always looked up to him. He set me apart as a missionary, and he released me from being a missionary. It was really special for me.

It was cold! Of all the days in March that the weather decided to be unseasonable, it definitely wasn't our day. But at least it didn't rain. It sprinkled, but that's okay. Our pictures turned out really good, so I'm not complaining.

The reception was fun. It was semi-traditional. Definitely not traditional in the Mormon sense, even though my mom really wanted us to stand in front of the backdrop. It served as a good place to take pictures. We didn't want to stand in one place all's the worst. We circulated the room and greeted people. I think we did pretty good at catching them all. Allison was the best! She made sure we were doing alright, checking if we needed water or anything to drink. I didn't realize how parched i was until i sucked down like 5 glasses of water! Getting married is exhausting!

The night ended and we just wanted to get out of there! The pickup truck was dressed to the nines! And it took forever getting the stuff off. As well as all the CONFETTI OUT OF THE SEATS! don't ever do that. Ever! It's really not a good thing. We got to the hotel 5 minutes after the front desk closed. We went to the Black Swan Inn in Pocatello. We stayed in the Mayan rain forest which was awesome! It has a tree house with the two person jet tub in it and a huge king size bed and two person shower. We didn't touch each other all night. What a good way to kick off the honeymoon!

Here are some pictures for all of you to wish you were there! and for those of you who were, time to reminisce.

 "WHY would I shove cheesecake in his face??"