I often think about blogging more.

But then I think, "what will I write?"

I used to have so many thoughts running through my head and so many feelings that I just needed to share with the world, but now I don't, at least not as often as I used to.

But, as I was thinking this morning, I realized how we, as a nation, are so easily butt-hurt. We're a generation of babies. We take what we read on the internet and incorporate it into our own lives as if to justify another reason to get upset at someone, or humanity as a whole. And, please, take offense to this!

There are so many posts out there saying: "This person said this and they meant to be nice, but it really hurt my feelings because they didn't know my private, internal, personal struggles...and so to the rest of you, don't say things like that to someone ever."...How about, instead of posting a big long article, why don't you tell them! Man up and let them know! Tell them you're going through a hard time with that particular subject, politely decline to talk about it, and thank them for being concerned. There is no reason to get upset and passively rant about it on the internet, calling people to repentance for trying to care about you.

All I ask is that we grow a thick skin. Realize that we have to live with each other. We're already falling into the pits of robot hell, what with our electronics never being more than three feet away from us. Why take away the one genuine means of communicating we have left by telling people how to think and what to say? Why can't we get over the attitude of entitlement and realize, though our struggles are something to be taken seriously, not everyone knows about them. And that's okay. They mean well, and you should be grateful to have people like that in your life.

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